What is Inorganic Chemistry?

  • 2023-03-01
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The word organic refers to the compounds which contain the carbon atoms in it. So the branch of chemistry that deals with the study of compounds, which does not consist of carbon-hydrogen atoms in it, is called ‘Inorganic Chemistry.’ In simple words, it is opposite to that of Organic Chemistry. Chemistry institute in k.k nagar. The substances which do not have carbon-hydrogen bonding are the metals, salts, chemical substances, etc.

On this planet, there are known to exist about 100,000 number of Inorganic compounds. Inorganic chemistry studies the behaviour of these compounds along with their properties, their physical and chemical characteristics too. Chemistry institute in nirnay nagar. The elements of the periodic table except for carbon and hydrogen, come in the lists of Inorganic compounds.

Many of the elements are technologically important: titanium, iron, nickel and copper, for example, are used structurally and electrically. Second, the transition metals form several useful alloys, with each other and with other metallic elements. Chemistry institute in akhbar nagar.

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